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We are pleased that you are using Momentic application. If you have any questions about application, don’t hesitate and write us - we will be happy to answer. Earlier, however, make sure the answer to your question is not included in FAQ form below.

General (10)

What is Momentic?
Momentic is a mobile application which allows to create and print your favourite pictures in a beautiful Photobook with personalised message for someone special. Thanks to Momentic you can share your fovourite moments with anyone you want.
Where can I download Momentic?
Momentic is available for both iOS and Android users and can be downloaded from Apple Store and Play Store.
Can I download Momentic for iOS?
Yes, Momentic app is available for iOS users.
Can I download Momentic for Android?
Yes, Momentic app is available for Android users.
How many pages can I have in my Photobook?
Each Photobook can have between 24-48 pages which includes 22-46 images. 2 extra pages has been included for the cover and customised message page.
What does it mean: “image does not meet the app requirements”?
We care about the quality of your Photobook. The photos you choose must meet the terms described in...
What are the requirements for photo quality?
Images should not have less than 1496 x 1496 pixels. Images which are less than 960 pixels long and less than 600 pixels wide will be blocked and cannot be used by Momentic app. Momentic has the rights to verify which images meet the app requirements only when the images are imported from Facebook profile or smartphone memory. Instagram images do not have any size limitation. All pictures are minimise to 1496 pixels long after you press the button ‘upload’. In order to upload images to Momentic app, all pictures will be automatically cut to 1496 pixels at the longest side - the other side will be adjusted automatically. Images which the longest side has less than 1496 pixels won’t be cut. Picture orientation won’t be changed. The user can adjust, enhance and crop the images using tools available in the app.
Do I have to have Momentic account to use the app?
No. Momentics is ready to use straight after downloading the app. There’s no need to logging in into your account.
How to change the language?
The app detects your mobile’s system language. In order to change your app language, you’ll have to change your mobile device language.
What are the Terms and Conditions for using Momentic?
Momentic’s Terms and Conditions are described in Privacy Policy.

Edit an Album (8)

How do I create Momentic Photobook?
Download Momentic app. Authorise the access to your photo gallery, Facebook and Instagram. Select and edit between 22-46 images and add personalized message for your Photobook. Finalise the order and get your unique Photobook delivered to your doors.
How do I delete images from my Photobook?
Tab the image in order to edit it - select ‘delete’ photo.
I’d like to use pictures from my PC - what should I do?
Momentic is dedicated for mobile devices. If you’d like to add images from your PC, first you’ll need to transfer them to your mobile device.
How can I edit my Photobook?
In order to edit your photobook tap on every single photo and select edition.
How can I edit cover photos?
Cover images are selected randomly. To edit and organise them, hold the cover page.
Why can’t I add images from my gallery?
Go to your mobile settings and check if Momentic has an access to your photo gallery.
Why can’t I add images from Facebook?
Go to your mobile settings and check if Momentic has an access to your Facebook gallery.
Why can’t I add images from Instagram?
Go to your mobile settings and check if Momentic has an access to your Instagram gallery.

Shipping (4)

Can I send my Photobook internationally?
Yes, you can order the delivery of your Photobook to 28 countries (Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, United Kingdom).
How long should I wait for my order?
An estimated time for delivery is between 3-7 working days, dependently on the chosen shipping method - standard or express.
How can I track my order?
You can track your order by entering your order number on the shipping company website.
How to make a customer complaint?
Momentic handle the complaints in no longer than 2 weeks time since the delivery date. The user can only sent a complaint via e-mail to or and must include the reason for cancellation or return. When the complaint process is for the benefit of customer, Momentic is processing the service again and sending the user new Photobook. Momentic do not need to receive defected product back.

Something is wrong? (3)

What is your refund policy?
If you have any doubts or you’re not happy with our product you can always email us at via e-mail to or with a short description of the problem. Refund Policy is available in Terms and Conditions.
Is my data encrypted?
Yes. We make sure that your data is safe and not being tranfered to any third parties. More information on security system can be found Momentic’s in Privacy Policy.
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